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The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix (Allen & Unwin, 2020); audiobook read by Marisa Calin (Bolinda, 2020) The fantasy setting is instantly appealing—London in 1983, home to a hidden world of old gods and lesser creatures of legend, policed by an extended family of booksellers. The characters are well drawn but Nix’s storytelling is nothing more than workmanlike.…

One Word Kill

One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence (47North, 2019) audiobook read by Matthew Frow (Brilliance, 2019) Lawrence makes good use of the 1980s setting and constructs a well-paced, not-too-unbelievable plot around the speculative element (time travel). The book’s main appeal, though, is its quintet of idiosyncratic but down-to-earth characters. These are particularly well-served by Matthew Frow’s audiobook reading.    


Ladyhawke dir. Richard Donner (1985) An improbably successful embodiment of the 1980s filmmaking zeitgeist. Beautiful cinematography is given a progressive rock score. Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer enact a tragic love fairy tale while Matthew Broderick witters amiably and the action turns to consciously b-grade physical comedy.    


Ghost dir. Jerry Zucker (1990) From the fading afterglow of 1980s filmmaking comes this endearing and enduring romantic fantasy (with dark undercurrents, plus virtuoso comedy from Whoopi Goldberg in her multi-award-winning support role). Patrick Swayze makes for a competent ghost; Demi Moore stars as his bereaved lover.