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Blind Fury

Blind Fury dir. Phillip Noyce (1989) A quintessentially 1980s Americanisation of the blind swordsman storyline oft-used and beloved of Japanese cinema. Rutger Hauer brings a certain quality to the lead role and — with precious little help! — just about carries the uneasy mix of action, drama and (occasional) humour.  

42 Word Retrospective: Chocky

Chocky by John Wyndham, adapted by Anthony Read (Thames Television, 1984) A patchy adaptation, quintessentially early 1980s, featuring well-pitched performances by James Hazeldine and child actor Andrew Ellams but terribly written female parts. The intrigue of a young boy’s mind-to-mind alien encounter is built and sustained across six episodes without ever really peaking.  

42 Word Review: Pleasure and Pain by Chrissy Amphlett

Pleasure and Pain: My Life by Chrissy Amphlett (with Larry Writer) (Hachette, 2009) Chrissy Amphlett pioneered Australian pub rock female empowerment, fronting Divinyls through turbulent highs and breaking lows; immersed, but always fighting the industry’s destructive undertow. Her honest, engaging biography tells of determination without caution; the fine line between running free and running blind.