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Steins;Gate by Jukki Hanada; dir. Hiroshi Hamasaki & Takuya Satō (2011) Viewers are dropped without exposition into a character-rich scenario that encompasses both fantasist imaginings and SF disruptions to the timelines. Beyond the shock of immersion, Steins;Gate unfolds as a serious (though frequently funny) and ever-more-tangled thriller turned love story. Classic Japanese anime.    

Your Name

Your Name dir. Makoto Shinkai (CoMix Wave Films, 2016) [Japanese; available dubbed or with subtitles] A sharply cut anime SF feature film, combining an eerie sense of mystery with poignant love story and abstruse time travel paradox (by way of body-swapping). Writer-director Makoto Shinkai makes clever use of minor characters and takes the story in unexpected directions.    

Tales from Earthsea

Tales from Earthsea dir. Gorō Miyazaki (2006) Those expecting an Earthsea plot from this Japanese anime film will find themselves disappointed, although director Gorō Miyazakid does convey some of the requisite pathos. With simple animation but grandiose landscapes, the English-dubbed version features Timothy Dalton, Mariska Hargitay and Willem Dafoe.