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The Brisbane Line

The Brisbane Line by Hugh MacMaster (Rockhampton, 2000); audiobook read by Graham Webster (QNS Audio, 2002 A locally produced account of Australia’s controversial Second World War defence strategy and the historical circumstances from which it arose. MacMaster succeeds admirably in detailing Australia’s war efforts and providing the global context of military mismanagement, clandestine manoeuvring and self-interested political short-sightedness.    

The Cat Empire’s Stolen Diamonds Tour

The Cat Empire’s Stolen Diamonds Tour Live at the Fortitude Music Hall, 19 October 2019 Let there be jumping. The Cat Empire rocked Brisbane with its unique blend of brass, beats, keyboards and vocals, unpacking new gems and improvising solos through a back catalogue that now spans twenty years. Highlights included ‘Barricades’, ‘Fishies’ and ‘Steal the Light’.