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A Lemon-Yellow Elephant called Trunk

A Lemon-Yellow Elephant called Trunk by Barbara Softly; ill. Tony Veale (Chatto, Boyd & Oliver, 1971) What seems at first a tale of whimsy turns instead into a rather clumsily executed parable of individual worth and acceptance. Thankfully Tony Veale draws a creditable elephant (and round-snouted giraffes). The floating artwork and limited use of colours leave an impression.    


Jumbo: The Unauthorised Biography of a Victorian Sensation by John Sutherland (Aurum, 2014) An indictment of human nature, jocose in delivery but starkly illustrated by way of a potted history of man’s gross mistreatment of elephants over the centuries. Special attention is paid to Jumbo, who, behind his fame, was just another sorely abused pachyderm.