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Steins;Gate 0

Steins;Gate 0 by Jukki Hanada; dir. Kenichi Kawamura (2018) A reboot ingeniously predicated on rewriting one key decision made by Okabe in the original series. More time-travel shenanigans result, enhanced by several new players and character developments. Writer Jukki Hanada keeps the plot bubbling along but doesn’t quite stick the ending.    

Steins;Gate: The Movie

Steins;Gate: The Movie – Load Region of Déjà Vu by Jukki Hanada; dir. Hiroshi Hamasaki & Takuya Satō (2013) It’s hard to gauge Steins;Gate as a standalone film, but as a feature-length coda to the original series it adds an extra dash of pathos, exploring through Kurisu and Okabe some further ramifications of Okabe’s ability to remember events from different…


Steins;Gate by Jukki Hanada; dir. Hiroshi Hamasaki & Takuya Satō (2011) Viewers are dropped without exposition into a character-rich scenario that encompasses both fantasist imaginings and SF disruptions to the timelines. Beyond the shock of immersion, Steins;Gate unfolds as a serious (though frequently funny) and ever-more-tangled thriller turned love story. Classic Japanese anime.