Tag: Elizabeth Peters

Lion in the Valley

Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters (Atheneum, 1986); audiobook read by Susan O’Malley (Blackstone, 1999) The mystery element is slight and isn’t even resolved by book’s end. Even the Egyptian setting takes something of a back seat. Yet Amelia Peabody remains a character worth journeying with, her tones of blithe self-absorption captured admirably in O’Malley’s audiobook reading.

The Mummy Case

The Mummy Case by Elizabeth Peters (Congdon & Weed, 1985); audiobook read by Susan O’Malley (Blackstone, 1999) Although the mystery is not investigated in any meaningful way, Peters’ knowledge of Egyptology adds depth and her narrative is quietly amusing. Susan O’Malley’s audiobook reading bears suitable record of Amelia Peabody, Emerson, and the precocious wunderkind Ramses, preserving their dignified foolery.  …