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Doctor Who: The Vanquishers

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 6: The Vanquishers by Chris Chibnall (BBC, 2021) The Grand Serpent turned out to be superfluous. Passenger served no purpose except to prove unexpectedly convenient. And the Flux itself was downgraded from universe devourer to infinitesimal matter-snacker. An enjoyable enough finale but something of a disappointment given the intricate build-up.    

Doctor Who: Once, Upon Time

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 3: Once, Upon Time by Chris Chibnall (2021) Not entirely satisfying as a self-contained episode, yet engaging enough and sufficiently comprehensible as to reveal some of the bigger picture (within which lies the Doctor’s Timeless Child origin story). The fractured mosaic / relived memories narrative allows for some out-of-character acting.    

Missy: The Broken Clock

Missy: The Broken Clock by Nev Fountain (Big Finish, 2019) Nev Fountain certainly isn’t afraid to try something different. Here we’re given a faux- cheesy American reconstruction of an impossible historical murder spree laced with metatextual fourth-wall breakings (themselves explained in-story). Though it’s clever and fun, fake fakeness still sounds risibly fake.