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Doctor Who: Time in Office

Doctor Who: Time in Office by Eddie Robson (Big Finish, 2017) Four mostly self-contained episodes revisiting the notion of the Fifth Doctor as President of Gallifrey. Robson plays around with tropes and there are some amusing moments, albeit that the overarching narrative wavers between comedy and drama and cops out in an anti-climax.    

Doctor Who: Ghost Ship

Doctor Who: Ghost Ship by Keith Topping (Telos, 2003) Told in the first person, supposedly from the perspective of the Fourth Doctor, this serviceably atmospheric, potentially wonderful novella reads, unfortunately, as if a 40-year-old Englishman has sat down with a framed picture of Tom Baker on his desk and started rambling.    

Space Helmet for a Cow

Space Helmet for a Cow: The Mad, True Story of Doctor Who, Volume One, 1963-1989 by Paul Kirkley (Mad Norwegian Press, 2015) A derivative though informative critique of Doctor Who’s original run. Kirkley admits that his only original contribution is the humorous slant he brings, but unfortunately this is facetious in its execution and grows old very quickly. The title…