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The Diary of River Song: My Dinner with Andrew

The Diary of River Song: My Dinner with Andrew by John Dorney (Big Finish, 2018) A diverting timey-wimey story spoilt only by the cod-French maître d’ (British actor Jonathan Coote). Given modern-day cognizance of ethnic and cultural representation, is this casting choice any less offensive than John Bennett’s playing Li H’Sen Chang in The Talons of Weng-Chiang?    

Doctor Who: The Death Collectors

Doctor Who: The Death Collectors by Stewart Sheargold (Big Finish, 2008) This three-part story sees the Seventh Doctor travelling by himself and in good form. Sheargold brings an original premise to the table but Big Finish have peppered the production with (commendably realistic?) sound effects, distortions and scratchy voices, rendering key points unintelligible.    

The Black Archive #39: The Silurians

The Black Archive #39: The Silurians by Robert Smith? (Obverse Books, 2020) A wide-ranging, clearly written analysis that recasts The Silurians’ apparent failings as strengths and offers, by considering aspects of the serial from a rational, scientific standpoint and giving them a societal context, something of a reappraisal of the Third Doctor more broadly.    

Doctor Who: The Macros

Doctor Who: The Macros by Ingrid Pitt & Tony Rudlin (Big Finish, 2010) A well-acted production of a script that offers few surprises. The Doctor becomes embroiled in but unable to change history (the Philadelphia Experiment), the basis of his inability to interfere is glossed over, and a thoroughly one-dimensional tyrant revels in her machinations.    

Dr. Second

Dr. Second by Adam Hargreaves (Puffin, 2017) Hargreaves’ mash-up of Doctor Who and Mr. Men remains more of a conceptual than an actual triumph, but on this occasion the characterisation—of Jamie, Victoria and the Doctor—is quite good, as are the illustrations and (to an extent) the storyline.