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The Cat Who Saved Books

The Cat Who Saved Books by Sosuke Natsukawa (2017); trans. Louise Heal Kawai; audiobook read by Kevin Shen (Picador, 2021) The cat gives off Alice in Wonderland vibes and there’s a dark, almost elegiac edge to the book-rescuing missions it cajoles teenage shut-in Rintaro Natsuki into undertaking. Through Rintaro’s coming of age, Natsukawa expresses love for and extols the virtues…

42 Word Review: Doctor Who – The Jade Pyramid by Martin Day

Doctor Who: The Jade Pyramid by Martin Day (BBC Audio, 2010) More a straightforward short story than novel, and with a production crackle marring Matt Smith’s suitably Doctor-esque flittering consciousness narration, this audiobook nevertheless stands out for its atypical Who setting (mediaeval Japan) and the uncommon, almost poetic refinement of Martin Day’s prose.