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Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon (Big Finish, 2019) Rose’s quest across the multiverse begins with two wonderfully melancholic stories before losing its way trying to force the intrinsic emotion of the doomsday scenario (particularly when relying on minor characters resurrected from Russell T Davies’ Rose novelisation). Nevertheless a welcome return.   ★★★★☆ The Endless Night by Jonathan Morris ★★★★☆ The…

Stolen Goods

Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter – Stolen Goods by Matt Fitton (Big Finish, 2018) A light, slightly pantomimish story that (thankfully) entails a measure of misdirection. All told, a decent introduction to the Doctor’s daughter in audio form (although it’s hard not to do Big Finish an injustice and retrofit Georgia Tennant as channelling Jodie Whittaker).    

Doctor Who, Doom Coalition 2: The Sonomancer

Doctor Who, Doom Coalition 2: The Sonomancer by Matt Fitton (Big Finish, 2016) Fitton manages some strong characterisation — Liv Chenka takes charge; Helen Sinclair bonds with River Song — but although Alex Kingston is quite the drawcard, the lack of interaction between her and Paul McGann is disappointing, as is the plot degeneration into runaround dénouement.