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Attica by Garry Kilworth (ATOM, 2006); audiobook read by Simon Vance (Blackstone, 2013) Alice in Wonderland meets Homer’s Odyssey. There’s a dark whimsy in Kilworth’s story of three children journeying through a boundless attic, yet it does not evoke wonder so much as despondency. The characters grow but afford too little payoff at journey’s end.    

The Prestige

The Prestige by Christopher Priest (Simon & Schuster, 1995); audiobook read by Simon Vance (Blackstone, 2006) The intertwined life stories of two feuding magicians, told by way of their respective reminiscences. The overlapping viewpoints allow for an exploration of narrative felicity and also, dramatically, an almost Shakespearean tragedy; concomitantly, there’s no denying the book sags in the middle.