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The Others

The Others dir. Alejandro Amenábar (2001) Writer-director Alejandro Amenábar crafts a clever and suspenseful psychological drama that derives much of its unsettling tension from nuanced performances by Fionnula Flanagan and young Alakina Mann. The premise, however, is not without inconsistencies and the score (Amenábar again!) is rather heavy-handed.

Doctor Who: The Empty House

Doctor Who: The Empty House by Simon Guerrier (BBC, 2013); audiobook read by Raquel Cassidy Guerrier’s well-executed Eleventh Doctor novelette puts a new spin on some old Doctor Who tropes. (New to Who, that is; in the time-honoured tradition of gothic homage this one is rather reminiscent of Alejandro Amenábar’s The Others, which incidentally featured Christopher Eccleston.)