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Sapphire & Steel, Assignment 5

Sapphire & Steel, Assignment 5

by Don Houghton & Anthony Read (ITV, 1981)

Sapphire & Steel 5

Different writers but the usual mix of otherworldliness and off-kilter intrigue as Sapphire & Steel investigate a 50-year timeslip with built-in murder mystery. The interdimensional operatives again prove remarkably ineffectual in employing their special powers, thereby stretching the story to six episodes.



Chocky (1984)


by John Wyndham, adapted by Anthony Read (Thames Television, 1984)


A patchy adaptation, quintessentially early 1980s, featuring well-pitched performances by James Hazeldine and child actor Andrew Ellams but terribly written female parts. The intrigue of a young boy’s mind-to-mind alien encounter is built and sustained across six episodes without ever really peaking.