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Blade Runner 2019: Los Angeles

Blade Runner 2019: Los Angeles by Michael Green & Mike Johnson; ill. Andres Guinaldo (Titan, 2019) This Blade Runner prequel does a passable job in capturing the murky, near-future dystopian vibes of the original film. The storytelling is straightforward, the art bleak and uncompromising. Ash is a more action-minded protagonist than Deckard but her assignment carries similar ambiguities.

Black Man

Black Man by Richard Morgan (Gollancz, 2007) Anybody looking for the written equivalent of Blade Runner should try the immersive, unromanticised near-future science fiction of Richard Morgan. Black Man (or, rebranded with North American irony, Thirteen) is a stark, at times gruesome classic, pitting genetic manipulation against human prejudice.