Tag: Bobiverse

All These Worlds

All These Worlds by Dennis E. Taylor (Worldbuilders Press, 2017); audiobook read by Ray Porter (Brilliance, 2017) Hard to recommend by and of itself, but very satisfying as a continuation of (conclusion to?) the Bobiverse saga. Taylor’s nerd-SF enthusiasm remains infections and Porter’s audiobook reading is very much part of the narrative characterisation. Ties up all major plot threads.

For We Are Many

For We Are Many by Dennis E. Taylor; read by Ray Porter (Brilliance Audio, 2017) Book 2 of Taylor’s Bobiverse series is very much an instalment, not a self-contained work. As the story progresses, we’re given greater character development and a less boundlessly optimistic narrative viewpoint, plus (at last!) a genuine antagonist/threat. Peculiarly engrossing open-ended SF speculation.