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Doctor Who: The Abandoned

Doctor Who: The Abandoned by Nigel Fairs & Louise Jameson (Big Finish, 2014) A superbly imaginative and dark concept, engendering a bottle episode that would have topped the TV ratings. The story, however, has too ambitious and disorientating a visual element for audio. The production lets the script down by not streamlining its cacophonous madness.    

Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction

Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction by David Whitaker, dir. Richard Martin (BBC, 1964) Jacqueline Hill out-acts her fellow regulars in this, the third ever Doctor Who serial, a remarkable two-parter set entirely within the TARDIS. The tense, eerie and unsettling, claustrophobic drama of disorientation and distrust prefigures by forty-four years the David Tennant story Midnight.