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A Very Courageous Decision

A Very Courageous Decision: The Inside Story of Yes Minister

by Graham McCann (Aurum, 2014)

McCann_Very Courageous Decision

A comprehensively researched and well-written history of the peerless television comedy Yes Minister (and Yes Prime Minister), from its real-life political grounding and inspirations to its creation, scripting, performance, reception and legacy. McCann mixes critical analysis with behind-the-scenes interviews and extensive excerpts.



Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos

Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (5 December 2019)

Moran_Dr Cosmos

Irish comedian Dylan Moran was in fine, free-flowing form last night, gilding his societal observations with intelligent and rapid-fire absurdist exemplars while expounding on the generation gap, growing up in Ireland, accepting middle age, and the inherent failings of the male gender.



The Two Ronnies

The Two Ronnies

(BBC Audiobooks, 1976/2010)

Two Ronnies

Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker were at their witty, rip-roaring, wordy best in this mid-1970s LP collection of Two Ronnies sketches, faux news items and assorted titbits – an uproarious comedy hodgepodge of what should have been said (‘and it’s goodnight from him’).



42 Word Review: And It’s Goodnight From Him… by Ronnie Corbett

And It’s Goodnight From Him… The Autobiography of the Two Ronnies

by Ronnie Corbett (Michael Joseph, 2006)

Corbett_And It's Goodnight From Him

Written not long after Ronnie Barker’s death in 2005, Ronnie Corbett’s singlehanded autobiography (for two!) forms a touching tribute to his departed friend and a companionable stroll down memory lane. Self-effacing yet reverent, Corbett evokes gentle nostalgia for British comedy’s bygone era.