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Hello, Darlings! The Authorized Biography of Kenny Everett

Hello, Darlings! The Authorized Biography of Kenny Everett by James Hogg & Robert Sellers (Bantam, 2013) Kenny Everett once wrote an autobiography; or rather, he didn’t. It was ghost-written by a friend and Kenny didn’t even read it. He wasn’t interested in the past. For those who are, Hogg and Sellers’ comprehensively researched biography is well worth reading.    

The Two Ronnies

The Two Ronnies (BBC Audiobooks, 1976/2010) Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker were at their witty, rip-roaring, wordy best in this mid-1970s LP collection of Two Ronnies sketches, faux news items and assorted titbits – an uproarious comedy hodgepodge of what should have been said (‘and it’s goodnight from him’).    

The Gun Seller

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie (Heinemann, 1996) Hugh Laurie is a funny man, and his only novel to date — a cynical, conversational, fourth-wall-breaking take on the conspiracy/thriller genre, submitted pseudonymously to the publisher — is very witty, very British, and a very accomplished romp, boldly self-deprecating where Bourne only bores.  

42 Word Retrospective: The Goodies, Season 1

The Goodies, Season 1 by Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie (with Tim Brooke-Taylor) (BBC 1970) In 1970 comedy trio the Goodies arrived under their own names, riding a trandem bicycle and pioneering a freeform sitcom where they claimed to do anything, anytime. Exuberant, irreverent, chaotic: Tim, Bill and Graeme soon found themselves (to quote their song) needed.