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dir. Michael Mann (1995)


Lengthy, engrossing crime drama Heat is a modern classic, affording its characters and plot space in which to develop. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino star respectively as the uncompromising armed robber and the equally single-minded police lieutenant charged with stopping him.



Ripper Street, Series 3

Ripper Street, Series 3

by Richard Warlow (BBC, 2014)

Ripper Street 3

By season three the character arcs have begun to fray from rubbing against the edge of credulity; yet Ripper Street continues also to tell self-contained stories and, through its depiction of Whitechapel society and the articulate discourse between protagonists, retains its appeal.


Whitechapel, Series 1

Whitechapel, Series 1

(ITV, 2009)

Whitechapel 1

Unfortunately, everything about this police drama seems forced: from the premise (a modern-day killer perfectly re-enacting the Ripper murders) to the strained dynamic between lead characters (thirty-nine stab wounds is dismissed as too specific, then coincidental) and even the gritty would-be stylisation.


42 Word Review: Ripper Street, Series 1 by Richard Warlow

Ripper Street, Series 1

Richard Warlow (BBC, 2012-2013)

Warlow_Ripper Street 1

With its focus on character development over contrived plot arcs, grittily realised period crime drama Ripper Street exemplifies the advantage that small-run British series enjoy over their distended American counterparts. Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg are compelling in policing Whitechapel.