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Because a Little Bug went Ka-Choo!

Because a Little Bug went Ka-Choo! by Rosetta Stone [aka Dr Seuss]; ill. Michael Frith (Random House, 1975) Fun though inconsistent rhymed verse from Dr Seuss, illustrated in the Seuss style by Michael Frith. The story is a rambunctious demonstration of the butterfly effect, starting with a bug’s sneeze and ending in town-wide mayhem. The bopped turtle is a highlight.…

Dr. Seuss Goes to War

Dr. Seuss Goes to War: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel by Richard H. Minear (The New Press, 1999) Minear provides detailed historical context through which to appreciate (or occasionally question) Theodor Geisel’s distinctive, beguilingly Seuss-esque wartime cartoons. Each drawing is presented on its own page but regrettably this is not a complete record. Many more…

A Moose that says Moooooooooo

A Moose that says Moooooooooo by Jennifer Hamburg; ill. Sue Truesdell (Farrar Straus Giroux, 2013) The moose barely features but it does start the fun, Hamburg letting her hair down in a freewheeling animals-gone-wild story (spoilt only by occasional stumbles in her Dr Seuss-like amphibrachic tetrameter). Truesdell captures the chaos with vibrant illustrations à la Quentin Blake.    

42 Word Review: Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ à la Dr Seuss, by DrFaustusAU

Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’ à la Dr Seuss by DrFaustusAU (posted on DeviantArt, 2015) Given the Geisel Estate’s unremitting alacrity in issuing Grinchishly killjoy cease-and-desist letters, we fear for this ten-page proof of concept, which shrewdly unites Nick Cave’s bleak, poetic lyrics with illustrations recapturing the sublime, murky backdrops that underscored much of Dr Seuss’s oeuvre