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Black Books, Series 1

Black Books, Series 1 (Channel 4, 2000) Like Monty Python’s ‘Nudge Nudge’ sketch, the scripts for this sitcom would look bafflingly unremarkable. The episodes are defined not by plot but rather a freewheeling melange of comic business and off-the-wall character humour. Dylan Moran’s misanthropic bookshop owner oozes dark charisma.

Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos

Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos Queensland Performing Arts Centre (5 December 2019) Irish comedian Dylan Moran was in fine, free-flowing form last night, gilding his societal observations with intelligent and rapid-fire absurdist exemplars while expounding on the generation gap, growing up in Ireland, accepting middle age, and the inherent failings of the male gender.