Tag: Eliza Dushku

Tru Calling, Season 1

Tru Calling, Season 1 (Fox, 2003-2004) Tru Calling strikes a welcome balance between self-contained episodes and a late-blooming series plot arc, developing its support characters but keeping the focus primarily on star Eliza Dushku. The premise (reliving days, changing events), though formulaic, gives endless scope for imaginative scripting.    

Dollhouse, Season 1

Dollhouse, Season 1 created by Joss Whedon (Fox, 2009) Though tiptoeing around the morality of its premise — people sign up for five-year stints as ‘dolls’, imprinted with skills and personalities to suit their clients’ needs — Dollhouse showcased the acting range of Eliza Dushku and company while allowing for boundless plot versatility.