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Doctor Who: The Vanquishers

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 6: The Vanquishers

by Chris Chibnall (BBC, 2021)

Flux 6_Vanquishers

The Grand Serpent turned out to be superfluous. Passenger served no purpose except to prove unexpectedly convenient. And the Flux itself was downgraded from universe devourer to infinitesimal matter-snacker. An enjoyable enough finale but something of a disappointment given the intricate build-up.



Doctor Who: Survivors of the Flux

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 5: Survivors of the Flux

by Chris Chibnall (BBC, 2021)

Flux 5_Survivors of the Flux

Flux survives its first information dump and reaches the cliffhanger with everything to play for. This instalment sees some powerful performances (notwithstanding a comedy hermit in dubious taste) and portends either an epic final showdown or a damp squib riddled with subplot.



Doctor Who: Village of the Angels

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 4: Village of the Angels

by Chris Chibnall & Maxine Alderton (BBC, 2021)

Flux 4_Village of the Angels

Chibnall has shown himself a past master of raising the stakes. Flux is on such a trajectory, ‘Village of the Angels’ proving creepy and superb. Hopefully it won’t suffer the sort of anticlimactic let-down as befell ‘Spyfall’ and ‘Can You Hear Me?’



Doctor Who: Once, Upon Time

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 3: Once, Upon Time

by Chris Chibnall (2021)

Flux 3_Once Upon Time

Not entirely satisfying as a self-contained episode, yet engaging enough and sufficiently comprehensible as to reveal some of the bigger picture (within which lies the Doctor’s Timeless Child origin story). The fractured mosaic / relived memories narrative allows for some out-of-character acting.



Doctor Who: War of the Sontarans

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 2: War of the Sontarans

by Chris Chibnall (2021)

Flux 2_War of the Sontarans

Flux evinces lessons learnt from the Key to Time season arc, embedding the big picture more cohesively within its component parts. Chapter 2 sees Dan go from strength to strength, and rehabilitates the Sontarans somewhat (though still playing them mainly for laughs).



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