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Star Wars and History

Star Wars and History ed. Nancy R. Reagin & Janice Liedl (Wiley, 2012) This collection of academic articles, ostensibly undertaken in close collaboration with George Lucas, purports to show the manner and extent to which Star Wars draws on real history. In truth it clutches at loose parallels, showing little or no evidence of causation.  

42 Word Retrospective: Howard the Duck dir. Willard Huyck

Howard the Duck dir. Willard Huyck (Lucasfilm, 1986) Though not the outright flop of lore, this hand-me-down from George Lucas’ Star Wars clique prevaricates disastrously between child-orientated performances and inexplicably adult humour. It remains a must-see film, however, if only for Jeffrey Jones as a demonically possessed Ed Rooney cross-pollination.