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Good Omens, Series 2

Good Omens, Series 2

by Neil Gaiman & John Finnemore

dir. Douglas Mackinnon (Amazon Prime, 2023)

TV poster: “Good Omens, Series 2” by Neil Gaiman & John Finnemore; dir. Douglas Mackinnon (Amazon Prime, 2023)

Without source material tangling its roots, Good Omens blossoms into a gloriously satirical excoriation of biblical schtick and the whole good versus evil dichotomy. Aziraphale and Crowley make for one of TV’s great odd couples. Michael Sheen puts in a bravura performance.

Good Omens (2014)

Good Omens

by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

radio dramatisation by Dirk Maggs (BBC Worldwide, 2014)

Maggs_Good Omens

Dirk Maggs has adapted Pratchett and Gaiman’s comedic novel of the apocalypse with apposite exuberance, yet for all the well-pitched sound design and the cast’s astute voice work, this zany and enjoyable dramatisation does perforce forego the original book’s drollery of prose.