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L’ora legale

L’ora legale [subtitled; “It’s the Law”]

dir. Salvo Ficarra & Valentino Picone (2017)

Ficarra_Picone_L'ora Legale

A farce whereby residents of a Sicilian town fight against the new mayor’s fight against corruption. A nice idea, but with long-time collaborators Ficarra and Picone both starring and directing there’s rather too much emphasis on making it clear there’s comedy afoot.



Angel of Evil

Angel of Evil

dir. Michele Placido (2010)

Placido_Angel of Evil

Perhaps this biopic of Italian bank robber Renato Vallanzasca loses something in translation. Like Roger Avary’s 1994 heist film Killing Zoe it presents as something of a prolonged and slavish homage to the allurement, sexiness and (yes) consummate stupidity of high-blown criminality.