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Doctor Who: The Lichyrwick Abomination

Doctor Who: The Lichyrwick Abomination by Joe Vevers; audiobook read by Jacob Dudman (Big Finish, 2021) A curiously meandering short story. While Vevers focusses on moodiness and setting, the core of the premise itself—Malcolm’s guilt—becomes lost in the mist. Dudman’s reading goes some way towards salvaging the production but it’s still a bit of a muddle.

Doctor Who: Free Speech

Doctor Who: Free Speech by Eugenie Pusenjak; performed by Jacob Dudman (Big Finish, 2020) A trifle simplistic in its resolution. This story would have benefited from some explanation as to how the scenario came about, and a deeper exploration of its effects. Nonetheless, it’s a nice idea and a very good portrayal of the Tenth Doctor.