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Zero Space

Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter – Zero Space

by Adrian Poynton (Big Finish, 2018)

Poynton_Zero Space

There are some nice SF ideas serving as backdrop, but again the mandate seems to be characterisation. All well and good; however, the plot progression of Jenny and Noah arriving, delivering an uplifting pep talk, then running away is already wearing thin.



Neon Reign

Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter: Neon Reign

by Christian Brassington (Big Finish, 2018)

Brassington_Neon Reign

Trite premise, clumsy exposition, heavy-handed on the agenda. The saving grace here is the characterisation of Jenny (who’s inherited some of the Tenth Doctor’s traits) and her companion Noah (who carries himself with a naïve sangfroid that curiously echoes Paul McGann’s Eighth).



Prisoner of the Ood

Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter – Prisoner of the Ood

by John Dorney (Big Finish, 2018)

Dorney_Prisoner Ood

John Dorney is perhaps the best of Big Finish’s regular writers. Prisoner of the Ood has a conspicuous Doctor Who vibe (Russell T Davies era) and an intelligent script, showcasing Georgia Tennant while using Jenny’s character newness to camouflage its in-premise artifice.