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Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade

dir. Daniel Lee (2015)

Film poster: “Dragon Blade” dir. Daniel Lee (2015)

Historical epic fail. Lots of fighting. Adrien Brody is half-decent but Lee’s script is nothing but flung sand and big emotional scenes that haven’t been earned and don’t hit home. Jackie Chan and John Cusack do their best in the quiet moments.

The Frozen Ground

The Frozen Ground

dir. Scott Walker (2013)

Film poster: “The Frozen Ground” dir. Scott Walker (2013)

A real-life ordeal turned equally bleak film, more dirge than thriller. John Cusack makes for a credible serial killer but isn’t given room to be truly unsettling. Nicholas Cage walks his usual line between subtlety and woodenness. Vanessa Hudgens outshines them both.

The Raven (2012)

The Raven

dir. James McTeigue (2012)

McTeigue_The Raven

Reviled by exacting Poe fans and cinemagoers demanding plot twists beyond reason, this dark, at times gory period piece is actually quite engaging through not having being over-played by John Cusack (a bearded, non-romanticised Edgar Allan Poe) and a quality support cast.