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Rumpole: The Gentle Art of Blackmail & Other Stories

Rumpole: The Gentle Art of Blackmail & Other Stories by John Mortimer; adapted by Richard Stoneman (BBC Audio, 2018) A collection of four radio adaptations. These follow the stories faithfully and offer a similar experience to the Rumpole audiobooks, the only notable difference being that the older and younger Rumpoles are voiced by different actors: Timothy West and Benedict Cumberbatch…

Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole of the Bailey by John Mortimer (Penguin, 1978); audiobook read by Robert Hardy (Bolinda, 2014) Based on the TV series, this book is as much about the tribulations as the trials of Horace Rumpole, an eccentric and oft-thwarted, poetry-quoting English barrister. Rumpole‚Äôs wins may be pyrrhic at best, but are humorously bolstered by his free-flowing, sardonic ruminations.