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Doctor Who: The Destroyer of Delights

Doctor Who: The Destroyer of Delights

[The Key 2 Time, Part 2]

by Jonathan Clements (Big Finish, 2009)

Audio drama cover: “Doctor Who: The Destroyer of Delights” [The Key 2 Time, Part 2] by Jonathan Clements (Big Finish, 2009)

The Arabic setting makes for a diverting sea change and offers plenty of scope for culturally specific plot points and humour. Unfortunately, the Black and White Guardians are played for laughs, lending an already lighthearted production too much of an Iznogoud vibe.

Doctor Who: War of the Sontarans

Doctor Who—Flux, Chapter 2: War of the Sontarans

by Chris Chibnall (2021)

Flux 2_War of the Sontarans

Flux evinces lessons learnt from the Key to Time season arc, embedding the big picture more cohesively within its component parts. Chapter 2 sees Dan go from strength to strength, and rehabilitates the Sontarans somewhat (though still playing them mainly for laughs).



Doctor Who: Doom Coalition

Doctor Who: Doom Coalition

by Matt Fitton; John Dorney; Marc Platt; Edward Collier (Big Finish, 2015)

Doom Coalition 1

Doom Coalition introduces one of the most striking and original Who villains ever: the Eleven, a Time Lord with trans-incarnational dissociative identity disorder. Unfortunately, having featured in the first story, he subsequently becomes a background presence à la the Key to Time.