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Escape to Witch Mountain

Escape to Witch Mountain

by Alexander Key (Westminister Press, 1968); audiobook read by Marc Thompson (Playaway, 2010)

Key_Escape to Witch Mountain

A straightforward, somewhat odd, ultimately pointless yet still rather engaging middle-grade quest adventure in which two children with supernatural abilities go on the run. In the audiobook Marc Thompson’s character voices sound inexplicably as if they have been inspired by Fraggle Rock.



Star Wars: Dark Disciple

Star Wars: Dark Disciple

by Christie Golden (Lucas Books, 2015); audiobook read by Marc Thompson (Penguin Random House Audio, 2015)

Golden_Dark Disciple

Golden’s epic, refreshingly linear and focussed dark-side narrative suffers from gargantuan plot holes, and is cheapened in the audiobook by an ever-present soundscape and stock effects that force drama down the listener’s throat (likewise Thompson’s ‘telling it to a 6-year-old’ reading style).



Star Wars: Last Shot

Star Wars: Last Shot

by Daniel José Older (Del Rey, 2018); audiobook read by Marc Thompson with Daniel José Older & January LaVoy (Random House, 2018)

Older_Last Shot

The audiobook reading of Last Shot gives fervent and overly dramatic voice to everyday situations. This exposes not only the mundaneness of Older’s writing but also the more general propensity (Star Wars house style?) for self-indulgent character moments and laboriously scripted banter.



Star Wars: Ascension

Star Wars – Fate of the Jedi: Ascension

by Christie Golden; audiobook read by Marc Thompson (Books on Tape, 2011)


After a slow start, Ascension builds into the classic Star Wars sweep of political intrigue and Jedi action, undermined by Golden’s obligation to keep the story unfinished and — at least in the audiobook — an often laughably melodramatic delivery, Thompson Force-throttling everyday words.