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Doctor Who: The Witch from the Well

Doctor Who: The Witch from the Well

by Rick Briggs (Big Finish, 2011)

Briggs_Witch from the Well

As ever, Big Finish have gone beresk with their screeching creature effects. Notwithstanding such overindulgence, this pseudohistorical take on the seventeenth-century witch trials offers uncommon nuance and character depth. A particularly good story for Paul McGann and Julie Cox (as Mary Shelley).



Doctor Who: The Silver Turk

Doctor Who: The Silver Turk

by Marc Platt (Big Finish, 2011)

Platt_Silver Turk

Mary Shelley encounters badly damaged Cybermen; thus, Frankenstein. The idea would later find its way to television in The Haunting of Villa Diodati (2020), but Mary also echoes Rose Tyler’s empathy from Dalek (2005), the resonances circling back through TV and literature.



42 Word Review: I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein

dir. Stuart Beattie (2014)

Beattie_I Frankenstein

With its heavy-handed heaven versus hell scenario, over-expositive dialogue, demons no more robust than rotten tomatoes, and a central character disinterred from Mary Shelley’s novel and given to brooding, mercurially existentialist angst, I, Frankenstein has been pieced together without substance or style.