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dir. Daniel Espinosa (2022)

Film poster: “Morbius” dir. Daniel Espinosa (2022)

Jared Leto and Matt Smith do rather well in the Jekyll-side of their performances. Unfortunately, the Hyde-sides are beyond preposterous. Simplistic as it is, the film doesn’t even bother with closure, merely tailing off into some unfathomable prelude to interconnected Marvel bollocks.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

by Steven Moffat; dir. Toby Haynes (BBC, 2010)

DVD cover: Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol

A successful transplanting of Dickens’s novella into the Doctor Who universe, using science fiction to clever effect and adding a twist to the tale. Moffat captures both the Doctor’s exuberant childlike aspect and the seriousness beneath. Matt Smith is in top form.





by William Ritter (Algonquin Young Readers, 2014)


A supernatural detective story that doesn’t overplay its hand, relying on clever but sensible plot progression and the charisma of the eponymous Jackaby – a cross between Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Matt Smith’s Doctor Who, narrated by a Victorian Clara Oswald John Watson.



42 Word Review: Doctor Who – The Jade Pyramid by Martin Day

Doctor Who: The Jade Pyramid

by Martin Day (BBC Audio, 2010)

Day_Jade Pyramid

More a straightforward short story than novel, and with a production crackle marring Matt Smith’s suitably Doctor-esque flittering consciousness narration, this audiobook nevertheless stands out for its atypical Who setting (mediaeval Japan) and the uncommon, almost poetic refinement of Martin Day’s prose.