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The Whitlams – Gaffage and Clink Tour

The Whitlams – Gaffage and Clink Tour Live @ The Fortitude Music Hall, 17 September 2021 Half the Whitlams were joined by Brisbane bassist Ian Peres for a rescheduled evening of Tim Freedman’s jazz-lyric-infused indie piano rock. All three musicians were in fine form. Highlights included You Gotta Love This City, No Aphrodisiac, and Up Against the Wall.    

Monty Pyhon Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go

Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go Live at the O2, London (2014) A farewell performance showing comedy pioneers Monty Python to be, at the end, just as irreverent, surreal, politically incorrect (or overcorrected), cheerfully crass and, not infrequently, in appallingly bad taste as ever. Unapologetic nostalgia buoyed by new material and snazzy dance routines.    

Ben Folds: The Symphonic Tour

Ben Folds: The Symphonic Tour Live with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, cond. Nicholas Buc (QPAC, 12 March 2020) Ben Folds and his piano… plus the QSO! A vibrant and versatile, heartfelt performance. Songs that came out particularly well with orchestral treatment included ‘Erase Me’, ‘Steven’s Last Night in Town’, and the traditionally improvised (now Brisbanised and symphonised) ‘Rock This Bitch’.…

Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos

Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos Queensland Performing Arts Centre (5 December 2019) Irish comedian Dylan Moran was in fine, free-flowing form last night, gilding his societal observations with intelligent and rapid-fire absurdist exemplars while expounding on the generation gap, growing up in Ireland, accepting middle age, and the inherent failings of the male gender.    

The Cat Empire’s Stolen Diamonds Tour

The Cat Empire’s Stolen Diamonds Tour Live at the Fortitude Music Hall, 19 October 2019 Let there be jumping. The Cat Empire rocked Brisbane with its unique blend of brass, beats, keyboards and vocals, unpacking new gems and improvising solos through a back catalogue that now spans twenty years. Highlights included ‘Barricades’, ‘Fishies’ and ‘Steal the Light’.    

American Utopia Tour

American Utopia Tour by David Byrne, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, 21 November 2018 Barefoot and brilliant, Byrne presents new songs and reworked Talking Heads classics in an energetically choreographed fusion of Brazilian beats and industrial sensibility. Complex, layered rhythms meet vocal resplendence. Virtuoso musicians in motion! Top three songs: ‘Lazy’; ‘Born Under Punches’; ‘I Zimbra’.    

Roger Waters live at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Roger Waters live at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre (Us + Them Tour, 7 February 2018) Roger Waters, not quite evergreen but certainly everpink and still a powerful presence, headed an audio-visual rock extravaganza showcasing songs from 1971 through to 2017. Highlights included a fervid repurposing of ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’ into a 10-minute denouncement of Donald Trump.