Tag: Reba Buhr

Bridge of Souls

Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab (Scholastic, 2021); audiobook read by Reba Buhr (Scholastic Audio, 2021) A neat conclusion to the Cassidy Blake trilogy. Much of the book’s narrative charm—and a great chunk of each protagonist’s personality—comes from Reba Buhr’s audiobook reading. Through her delivery, Cassidy, Jacob, Lara, and even Cassidy’s ghost-hunting parents become truly memorable.    

Tunnel of Bones

Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab (Scholastic, 2019); audiobook read by Reba Buhr (Scholastic Audio, 2019) On the one hand less enthralling than City of Ghosts, as the premise is already established. On the other it’s refreshing that Schwab doesn’t raise the stakes too much, offering instead a simple continuation. Cassidy’s ignorance of other cultures remains mildly off-putting.    

City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab (Scholastic, 2018); audiobook read by Reba Buhr (Scholastic Audio, 2018) A straightforward story that makes a virtue of its simplicity. Cassidy Blake and her ghost friend Jacob are both relatable and likeable, and the threat they face is about right for late middle-grade. Reba Buhr’s audiobook reading really brings out the characterisation.