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Lucky Luke: The Daltons Redeem Themselves

The Daltons Redeem Themselves

by Morris & Goscinny, trans. Erica Jeffrey (Cinebook Ltd, 2012) [from Les Dalton se rachétent, Dargaud Editeur Paris, 1971]

Goscinny_Morris_The Daltons Redeem Themselves

For Asterix junkies who’ve been in withdrawal since René Goscinny’s death in 1977, a retrospective fix now exists in the translation of his collaborations with artist Morris on the American wild west Lucky Luke series: different characters but the same potent humour.


Asterix and the Picts

Asterix and the Picts

by Jean-Yves Ferri & Didier Conrad; trans. Anthea Bell (Orion, 2013)

Ferri and Conrad_Asterix and the Picts

With Albert Uderzo’s retirement after fifty-four years of drawing Asterix, the illustration of this new adventure (to a rather endearing Scotland) is… perfect; nigh on indistinguishable, by Toutatis! The writing, however, continues to lag behind that of co-creator René Goscinny (died 1977).