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Maigret, Series 2

Maigret, Series 2 by Stewart Harcourt (ITV, 2017) Unfortunately, the two feature-length murder investigations of this series constitute the end of Rowan Atkinson‚Äôs run as French commissaire Jules Maigret. This is a shame, because the production values are high and Atkinson himself is excellent. Presumably TV audiences prefer rampant melodrama.    

Maigret, Series 1

Maigret, Series 1 by Stewart Harcourt (ITV, 2016) Rowan Atkinson stars in two feature-length murder investigations as legendary French commissaire (commissioner of police) Jules Maigret. Set in France in the 1950s, the stories are refreshingly lowkey. Atkinson, whose minimalist approach works so well in comedy, walks a fine dramatic line.