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K-9 and Company

K-9 and Company: A Girl’s Best Friend

by Terence Dudley; dir. John Black (BBC, 1981)

DVD cover: K-9 and Company

A bizarrely misjudged attempt at a Doctor Who spin-off. Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Sears do well but the opening credits scream allegiance to Metal Mickey and this synth-schlock carries over into the incidental music, flambéing all menace from the Devil’s End plot.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Glittering Storm

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Glittering Storm

by Stephen Cole (BBC, 2007); audiobook read by Elisabeth Sladen

Cole_Glittering Storm

Elisabeth Sladen doesn’t so much read as act, her performance as Sarah Jane elevating this otherwise somewhat middling story of alien imperilment. Whatever the gold is being used for this time, however squidgy and one-dimensional the adversary, Sladen remains the consummate companion-turned-lead.