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Shetland, Series 6

Shetland, Series 6 (BBC, 2021) [Packaged in Australia as Series 5] While the main characters are starting to seem a bit tired, the guest cast inject some life and the plot is carefully woven to maintain interest across six 1-hour episodes. As ever, the mystery is predicated on cross-purposed motivations and long-buried secrets.

Shetland, Series 5

Shetland, Series 5 (BBC, 2019) [Packaged in Australia as Series 4] A single story told across six 1-hour episodes. A certain amount of contrivance proves necessary in sustaining the plot—the policework is rarely proactive and the characters make some fairly ropey decisions—but Shetland again provides a winning atmosphere of windswept isolation.    

Shetland, Series 4

Shetland, Series 4 (BBC, 2018) [Packaged in Australia as Series 3] A certain amount of contrivance is necessary to sustain this double murder mystery over six one-hour episodes, yet the character motivations remain more or less believable. A beautifully filmed if dour and downbeat study of community prejudice levelled against an innocent man.    

Shetland, Series 3

Shetland, Series 3 (BBC, 2016) [Packaged in Australia as Series 2] A single, multifaceted mystery sustained over six 1-hour episodes by plot twists that up the pacing and (for the most part) actually make some sense. Once again Shetland makes the most of its characters and location. The acting and cinematography are first-rate.    

Shetland, Series 1-2

Shetland, Series 1-2 by David Kane (BBC, 2013-2014) Four 2-hour murder mysteries set on the grim and desolate Shetland Islands. The investigations have a few holes but are largely without contrivance, while the running time and location afford plenty of space for the characters to breathe. Love the Scottish accents!