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Doctor Who: Shadow of the Past

Doctor Who: Shadow of the Past by Simon Guerrier (Big Finish, 2010) Another clever script by Simon Guerrier, staying faithful to the spirit of early UNIT-era stories. Present-day Liz Shaw (Caroline John) tells of an earlier adventure and then picks up its threads. Unfortunately some ‘big moment’ plot contrivances detract from the emotional resonance.    

Doctor Who: The Empty House

Doctor Who: The Empty House by Simon Guerrier (BBC, 2013); audiobook read by Raquel Cassidy Guerrier’s well-executed Eleventh Doctor novelette puts a new spin on some old Doctor Who tropes. (New to Who, that is; in the time-honoured tradition of gothic homage this one is rather reminiscent of Alejandro Amenábar’s The Others, which incidentally featured Christopher Eccleston.)