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Lemon Moon Review #1 Crests the Hill


It’s official: today we launch our first publication!


Break out the champagne; sorry, the French-style sparkling wine. (And if the French ever grow macadamias, they’d bloody well better refer to them as Australian-style brown nuts.) The good ship DSS is bobbing up and down in the drinking trough, not sinking and being stared at by several almost-curious cows. Presenting:


Lemon Moon Review #1: Sisyphean Night Off

by Jacob Edwards

Lemon Moon Review #1 (by Jacob Edwards)

A collection of twenty-five film reviews, marinated — no, lambasted — in scathing wit and served up as a healthy alternative to actually viewing those movies yourself. (Or, if it’s too late, as shared therapy; you’re not alone.)


Jacob Edwards is to cinematic speculative fiction what Pliny the Elder was to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius: rather too curious for his own good. His critiques form a cautionary tale. His words rail against the hot ash and pumice.


With cover art by Inna Basman, Lemon Moon Review #1 is a coffee table book for the ages (‘Propping up the wonky leg,’ Jacob suggests); or an e-book for the age of virtual coffee. It is, truly, a triumph of Sisyphean endeavour.


Check it out today! (Or tomorrow; it’ll still be here.)


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