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Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Holiday Special dir. Steve Binder (1978) Christmas programming is traditionally stultifying but there remains a whole generation of youngsters who never recovered from this feature-length Star Wars variety-show-cum-amateur-theatre-production fever dream. Unfathomable in conception, execrable in execution; just all-round unendurable (save the 10-minute Captain Kremmen-style animation introducing Boba Fett).    

Star Wars: Dark Disciple

Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden (Lucas Books, 2015); audiobook read by Marc Thompson (Penguin Random House Audio, 2015) Golden’s epic, refreshingly linear and focussed dark-side narrative suffers from gargantuan plot holes, and is cheapened in the audiobook by an ever-present soundscape and stock effects that force drama down the listener’s throat (likewise Thompson’s ‘telling it to a 6-year-old’…

Star Wars: Last Shot

Star Wars: Last Shot by Daniel José Older (Del Rey, 2018); audiobook read by Marc Thompson with Daniel José Older & January LaVoy (Random House, 2018) The audiobook reading of Last Shot gives fervent and overly dramatic voice to everyday situations. This exposes not only the mundaneness of Older’s writing but also the more general propensity (Star Wars house style?)…