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Billions, Season 1

Billions, Season 1 (Showtime, 2016) With the wheeling, dealing power struggles of Suits but without the same levity to balance its dramatics, Billions quickly becomes little more than a creepy-voiced pissing contest between two wholly unlikable characters. Compelling enough until you realise you don’t care who wins.    

Suits, Season 6

Suits, Season 6 created by Aaron Korsh (USA Network, 2016-2017) Like House before it, Suits has fallen from runaway success to faintly ridiculous echo, its characters reaching the end of their arcs and shamelessly starting again. The show is manipulative enough to pull viewers along but much of the fun has dissipated.    

Suits, Season 5

Suits, Season 5 created by Aaron Korsh (USA Network, 2015-2016) After an out-of-sorts first half — characters continuing to bond over their shared history of betrayal — season five of #Suits finally taps the potential of its core premise, racing with white-knuckled emotional grip towards its finale (and this despite some overt plot manipulations).  

Suits, Season 3

Suits, Season 3 created by Aaron Korsh (USA Network, 2013-2014) Comedy drama Suits reiterates its initial conceit — a young lawyer conspires with his mentor to practise without a licence — season three taking the premise to its logical conclusion. It’s hard not to envisage future plotlines and characterisations degenerating into absurdity.  

Suits, Season 2

Suits, Season 2 created by Aaron Korsh (USA Network, 2012-2013) Already there is a suggestion that Suits, through an increasing focus on interpersonal drama and the perennial need to manufacture season-spanning plot arcs, might come to fritter away its edgy appeal. For now, however, it’s backstabbing, one-upmanship and legal subterfuge as usual.