Tag: Takeshi Kovacs

Woken Furies

Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan (Del Rey, 2005); audiobook read by William Dufris (Tantor Audio, 2006) Morgan’s great anti-hero and brutish cyberpunk imaginings are lessened here by wallowing writerly indulgence, gratuitous, cringeworthy sex scenes and a narrator who guesses at pronunciations and whose hard-boiled American take on Takeshi Kovacs entirely disregards the character’s Japanese / Eastern European ethnicity.

Broken Angels

Broken Angels by Richard Morgan (Victor Gollancz, 2003); audiobook read by Todd McLaren (Tantor, 2015) Reprising antihero Takeshi Kovacs, Morgan expands upon his racially diverse though otherwise cynical SF future beyond cyberpunk. More world-building than story, Broken Angels suffers from awkwardly explicit sex scenes and—in audiobook form—from McLaren’s faux-jaded characterisation of Kovacs and jarring mispronunciations.