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Fatty & George

Fatty & George

by John Honey (ABC, 1981)

Honey_Fatty & George

Fondly remembered and surprisingly watchable thirty-five years on, this stilted but oddly compelling Tasmanian science fantasy captivated a generation of Aussie kids with its time-freezing crystal, over the top villains, catchy theme song and brazenly prominent (now brilliantly kitsch) avant-garde synthpop motifs.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year (EP)

by Violent Femmes (2015)

Violent Femmes_Happy New Year

Following bassist Brian Ritchie’s move to Australia, born-again 80s rock trio the Violent Femmes have recorded an EP in Tasmania, with two of the four tracks (‘Fast Horses’ and especially ‘Love Love Love Love Love’) likely to appear on future compilation albums.