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Tony Martin Live (2016)

Tony Martin Live

(Brisbane Arts Theatre, 14 February 2016)

Tony Martin Live

Tony Martin’s stand-up comedy is nuanced rather than contrived, exposing the daily absurdities of modern society in a brilliantly timed blend of understatement, disbelief, outrage and sangfroid. Martin comes across as the audience’s preternaturally funny best friend: affable, insightful, on-form and uproarious.


Lolly Scramble

Lolly Scramble: A Memoir of Little Consequence

by Tony Martin (Pan, 2005)

Martin_Lolly Scramble

The best comedians are those whose humour derives from perspective. Kiwi turned Aussie Tony Martin is one such person, shunning the celebrity world to glean amusement from his everyday life. (Read aloud, his recounting of an amateur theatre mishap becomes life-threateningly funny.)