Tag: Whitney Hill

Secrets & Truths

Secrets & Truths by Whitney Hill (Benu Media, 2022) A fairly slim novel, focussing on the same themes as Hill’s Otherside series but substituting sex and romance for the usual complexity. Lya and Cade are characters worth following, but the simplicity of the storyline makes this less appealing than Arden’s journey.

Eternal Huntress

Eternal Huntress by Whitney Hill (Benu Media, 2021) A page-turning finale, though the allure rests more in Arden’s ongoing fight to establish herself than in the end-of-days confrontation (a touch anticlimactic, for all its power and elegance). Hill again proves a devilishly dab hand at heaping trouble upon her characters.

Ebon Rebellion

Ebon Rebellion by Whitney Hill (Benu Media, 2021) Hill continues to enthral, pitting her protagonist against domino-chains of adversity. Arden stands representative of persons from all minority groups, forced constantly to fight for her place in the world. Her character is inspirational and her triumph this book is immensely satisfying.

Ethereal Secrets

Ethereal Secrets by Whitney Hill (Benu Media, 2021) This indie fantasy series becomes ever more assured. Readers may miss something of the old Arden—the private investigator who operated at least partly in the human world—but there’s no denying her character growth or the lure of Otherside’s power struggles.    

Eldritch Sparks

Shadows of Otherside: Eldritch Sparks by Whitney Hill (Benu Media, 2020) Hill avoids the sophomore slump, picking up the characters and ongoing dynamic of Elemental and crafting a (more or less) self-contained sequel. Arden Finch is hugely likeable and well on her way to revamping both the urban fantasy and hardboiled detective genres.