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Doctor Who: The Wormery

Doctor Who: The Wormery by Paul Magrs & Stephen Cole (Big Finish, 2003) The experimental storytelling doesn’t always pay dividends, but at least the writers aren’t stuck on the bog-standard. Colin Baker holds himself in fine fettle (and is afforded an uncommon depth of character). Former Pertwee-era companion Katy Manning runs rampant as Iris Wildthyme.    

The Annual Years

The Annual Years: A Celebration of the World Distributor Doctor Who Annuals by Paul Magrs (Obverse Books, 2014) The Doctor Who Annuals from 1966-1986 were licenced by the BBC but produced and written entirely by outsiders, emerging thence as disturbingly atypical of Who. Magrs catalogues two decades of meandering, rather amateurish stories (and trippy artwork), taking genuine pleasure in some.…