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Blake’s 7: Restoration, Part 1

Blake’s 7: Restoration, Part 1

by Trevor Baxendale; Iain McLaughlin; Scott Harrison; Steve Lyons (Big Finish, 2019)

Blake's 7_Restoration Part 1

Blake’s 7 is a rare example of character-driven SF done well, and was uniquely appealing in having its protagonists not get along. Restoration recreates this dynamic in audio form, positing high-stakes bottle-episode scenarios and ramping up the tension through fractious, antagonistic interplay.



Doctor Who: Corpse Marker

Doctor Who: Corpse Marker

by Chris Boucher (BBC, 1999); audiobook read by David Collings (BBC, 2015)

Boucher_Corpse Marker

Back in the late 1970s Chris Boucher established the character of Leela, wrote the classic Doctor Who story The Robots of Death, and script-edited Blake’s 7. Little surprise, then, that his robots sequel Corpse Marker showcases the better qualities of all three.



42 Word Review: Blake’s 7 – The Way Back and Cygnus Alpha

Blake’s 7: The Way Back and Cygnus Alpha

by Trevor Hoyle (BBC Audio, 2010)

[first published as Terry Nation’s Blake’s 7 by Sphere, 1977]

{Read by Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow, respectively}

Hoyle_Blakes 7

A slavish and perfunctory novelisation of the first four episodes of Terry Nation’s dystopian space opera, its cult appeal lent a smidgeon of additional credibility in audio form by the narrative voices of series actors Gareth Thomas (Blake) and Paul Darrow (Avon).